Mildura Brewery Mallee Bull Heavy

Anthony says  it's not what I expected from something labelled "heavy", though it does say amber ale on the back.  My type of amber ale too... not smoky at all, almost sweet, but it hangs around for a while so you know it's still there.  A very comfortable beer!  5.6% & Victorian. Retro-rating 8.5/10.

Sean says err this ain't nothing like the "Heavy" we have back home but ooh rather pleasant. Strong (alcohol-wise) too and not too hoppy or malty. Tiny bit sweet. If my palate wasn't so scorched by vindaloos, kebabs and that time I was dared to drink a pint of Brent Crude (easiest £5 I ever made) I'd be able to offer a more nuanced analysis.

PS: Edited because I can't spell.