Grand Ridge Draught Bitter

Sean: From the "WORLD'S MOST AWARDED BREWERY" (emphasis theirs) we have the Grand Ridge Draught Bitter, part of a pack of 6 Grand Ridge beers gifted to me by Anthony and Kara for my birthday. Again the name is a little confusing as it's not like the Bitters we have back home. It's more like a hoppy lager. An absolutely fine brew but nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

4.9% from Victoria.

Maybe we should have a rating system? Like this guy.

Anthony thinks that while this is a perfectly acceptable beer, it's a bit... boring.  If someone put it in front of me, I'd quite happily drink it, but I wouldn't go search it out.  It does say "lager" in small letters on the back, which explains afew things. If 5/10 is acceptable, I'd give it 6/10.